5 Apps That Keeps Your Brain Healthy

August 23rd, 2017

Brain-training apps are becoming hugely popular among users and venture capitalists alike, and for good reason. As the number of people with dementia steadily increase worldwide, the digital generation is flocking to try mental “workouts” with the hope to stave off symptoms.

Although they are by no means a perfect solution for mental decline, they are supported by some promising science. Here are five apps worth checking out if you’re ready to hit the cognitive gym;


Named the ’Best App of the Year‘ by Apple in 2014, this beautifully designed app boosts its ability to improve your performance with practical skills, including listening, speaking, writing, reading and math. The more you play, the harder the exercises get.

If you cough up the money for a “Pro” subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to games and better performance analysis. According to the app’s website, Elevate users improved their performance in the app 69 percent over the control group of non-users.

Cost for full access: $11.99 for one month, $44.99 for one year, $149.99 for lifetime membership



Peak offers quick “workouts” for your brain to help improve various areas of cognitive function, including focus, problem solving, memory and mental agility. On the premium version of the app, you get access to the Advanced Training Program (a memory game called Wizard) that was created with the help of scientists from Cambridge University and has received scientific attention for its ability to help improve memory.

 Cost for full access:  $4.99 for one month, $34.99 for one year



Eidetic incorporates spaced repetition, a learning technique based on the science of memory, to help you remember whatever information you want to learn (like your best friend’s phone number, or a quote from your favorite author). The app’s effectiveness is based on research that says spacing out when you study is better for creating long-term memories. Rather than waiting for you to open the app, Eidetic will send you notifications reminding you when it is time to keep testing.

Cost for full access: $4.99



If you’ve ever felt guilty about playing a game instead of doing something more productive, science has come to the rescue. According to BrainCraft, a show produced by PBS Digital Studios, studies have found playing Tetris for 1.5 hours a week for three months can actually make parts of your brain thicker and more efficient. It has even been shown to reduce flashbacks in people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cost for full access: Free, $4.99 for ad-free

Have you tried some awesome apps and were amazed by the results? Share with us in the comment section below!


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Guest Post By Lee Elliott

“Lee Elliott is a writer and blogger from Raleigh, North Carolina. He enjoys long walks in the woods with his dog and mindfulness meditation. You can find more of his writing here“.

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