5 Foods That Will Improve Your Brain Focus

May 10th, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, what we eat does not only affect our bodies, it also affects our brains. It is common knowledge that food affects our moods, but it also has a big impact on our memory and our ability to focus. Scientists have started figuring out that food actually affects the brain to a larger extent than was known before.

With the sugar coated breakfast options available in the market today, it is no wonder that people feel lethargic and drowsy all the time. Even our lunches and dinners comprise of starchy carb filled sandwiches.

However, mornings and early afternoons are the most important hours of the day when we tend to focus on work or study. Hence, eating complex carbs and a healthy breakfast in the morning followed by a protein filled lunch to maximize your focus and mental health is advised.

Moreover, fidgeting and losing focus is also a sign of mental distress. It is very likely that a slight change in your diet can bring out a more focused and composed person in you. Hence, it is not only our bodies that we are refueling with food in the mornings; but also replenishing our minds.

Some great mind and brain booster foods which have been proven to help in improving focus and concentration are;

  1. Blueberries

Not only delicious, blueberries are a “superfood” and the ideal snack option. A research by Daily Mail Online has shown that those who munched on blueberries had high concentration levels five hours after they started working.

This is due to the antioxidants present in blueberries that help stimulate the movement of blood and oxygen towards the brain. A blueberry smoothie was even more helpful in boosting concentration in the morning and mid-afternoon.

The reason deduced in the survey by Daily Mail Online is that blueberries are rich in flavonoids as well as anti-oxidants including anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, resveratrol and tannin. All these anti-oxidants are natural focus boosters and also protect the body and mind against cancer, dementia and heart diseases.

  1. Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that is said to have innumerable health benefits for the body, heart and the brain. Previously, it was linked to being full of fats. But recently, avocado has been revived as one of the healthiest fruits in the market as it contains healthy fats and has various other benefits for heart and brain health.

A study by Greatist reveals that our body comprises of 60% fat. Naturally it also needs a supplement of fats to stay healthy and operational on a day to day basis. Eating healthy and nutritional fats provides the brain with ketosis which is vital in protecting the brain from diseases and keeping the memory sharp and functional.

Moreover, Vitamin K is also found in avocado which is directly linked to memory and focus. It is no doubt that one of the first foods fed to babies is now avocado, and celebrities as well as fitness trainers have inculcated it into their daily diet.


  1. Eggs

Previously linked with causing cholesterol; research has now recognized the importance of eggs in everyone’s lives. Eggs are the prefect breakfast, lunch or even dinner meal. They are a protein rich food containing lutein that not only improves eyesight but also keeps the brain healthy. Eggs also have vitamin B that aids brain cells retain their structure.

Eggs can be taken in breakfast as boiled or a healthy spinach omelet and in salads for lunch and dinner. They are tasty, easy to cook and the cherry on top is that they are one of the healthiest foods you can lay your hands on!


  1. Fish

Fish, especially fatty fish contains omega 3 fatty acids which are proven to be helpful in aiding memory, brain functioning and mental agility. Moreover, fatty acid has been linked to helping depressive and bipolar patients in a study by the University of Maryland Medical Centre. A fatty acids deficiency can cause mood swings, depression as well as memory loss.

Of all fatty fishes, salmon is considered to be a seafood gem with its numerous health benefits for the body, brain and heart. Science-line explains that the brain is primarily made up of fatty acids known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). This is an Omega 3 acid which is found in great quantities in salmon. Regular intake of Omega 3 acid is vital for brain health as well as the body and heart.


  1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate being listed as a healthy, brain-boosting food must be met with applause from all the chocolate lovers out there. Dark chocolate contains magnesium which is a powerful booster of serotonin as well as endorphin, feel-good hormones that are vital for brain health and focus. Dark chocolate is also rich in anti-oxidants. It also contains a small amount of caffeine to boost mental alertness.

It is important to remember that by dark chocolate, we absolutely do not mean the milky, sugary kind. Dark chocolate is specified on the wrapper and it is slightly bitter and richer in taste than milk chocolate. Whilst dark chocolate is a great mood booster and focus inducing food, too much dark chocolate is not a good idea. So stick to a small portion.

There are many other foods that are equally beneficial for the brain and body as the ones mentioned above. To list a few; nuts, green tea, beetroot, green vegetables, flax seeds, coconut oil, etc. A very important mention for the smooth operation of your entire body, mind, heart and soul is water. H2O gives the brain instant energy. Every part of your body is made up of and dependent on water. Hence, it is crucial to have a large intake of water on a daily basis. Moreover, garden asparagus is also good for improving brain health, but the questions are that what does asparagus taste like.

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