7 things you can do every day to improve your brain health

February 14th, 2018

Our daily lives have become so hectic, that in the process we forget to take care of ourselves. However, there is one critical thing that we all forget; our physical fitness is profoundly impacted by our mental wellness.

Unfortunately, everyone struggles to maintain a healthy balance in our lives. We all are so used to our day to day fast-paced routine, that change seems nearly impossible. However, if we slowly add in one positive habit in our routine, it will eventually become a permanent attribute, and the rest will fall into place helping us adjust our lifestyle.

Below are a few things one can do to change or enhance our mental health and brain activity.

Early to bed, early to rise

How many of you have heard that old saying, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”?  Well, there is some truth in this adage. An adult brain needs at least seven to eight hours of good sleep. Your mind feels refreshed, your mood will be better and will be able to think properly as well. And getting up earlier will increase your daily productivity as well.

Now for those who don’t deem themselves to be morning people, this is your chance to take a challenge and reset your internal clock. Yes! It can be done! It takes a total of 21 days to form a long-term habit.   Once you start changing your internal clock, everything around you will also improve.

Drink up

Drinking a glass of water, early in the morning, on an empty stomach does more good than harm. It helps flush your digestive system and clears any poisonous substances in your body. Make sure that you drink ample water throughout the day, which aids in releasing toxins from the body via urine, stabilize your appetite, and prevent some severe headaches caused by dehydration. So increase your water intake from the regular eight (eight ounces) glasses of water a day to nine, ten, or as needed.

Let’s get physical

The best way to get your brain juices flowing is to increase your physical activity.  If you’re working in a job that has limited physical movement, that may cramp your muscles, make the environment around you stale, and possibly make your lazy on the whole.

If you have trouble going to the gym or just don’t like it, you can start by taking small steps. Try taking the stairs instead of the lift, take up an outdoor sport, or take a brisk evening walk.  However, if you haven’t exercised in a while, don’t completely become gung-ho about exercising, not only will your muscles be extremely sore there is a high chance that you just might end up injuring yourself. So take It easy and take baby steps, but do take them!

Find your tribe

It’s always good to have friends around you, and it’s even better to have good friends who allow you to grow as a person.  Surround yourself with people that enable you to be a better you. Cut off negative people in life that take more from you then give back in return. Choose those people that cheer you on and don’t stop believing in you, even if things aren’t going your way.

Quiet time

Try to take out at least a half hour to an hour each day to disconnect from the world. Turn your phone off, disconnect the internet, or put it in airplane mode, empty your brain of thoughts and if you can, meditate. If you’re not into meditation, yoga or any spiritual practices, that’s fine you can just take this time for yourself and turn it into quiet time.

However, during that time make sure you are cut off from all worldly activities. Quiet time is essential for everyone, especially parents. If one hour or even thirty minutes is too long for you, start off with ten to fifteen minutes.

Pen it

There is just something full-filling about doing something old school. Nowadays, with everything digitized, we have a habit of quickly typing and texting on our phone. But tell me, how many times you have lost your phone? Take a pen and paper and begin writing your thoughts down. Start a journal if you want to, but just start writing.

When you start writing for yourself, you’re making things a little more permanent. Whether they are good or bad thoughts that you’re writing down, it starts becoming a form of release and a firming foundation. You release the bad feelings, and the right ideas take root.

Learn something new

When you learn something that is completely different and takes you out of your typical comfort zone, it doesn’t just broaden new horizons for you; it opens up a whole new world for you. Learn a new language, take up a hobby that you’ve always dreamt about, don’t just dare to dream – make it happen.

For example, when you learn a new language you open up an entirely different perspective on life. A new language means learning a new culture, new ideologies, and various forms of literature. Learning something new will completely change your view of the world, and more importantly of how you view yourself.   Or if you love food, take up classes to learn different types of cuisines.

The best thing about this digital age is that everything we need is at the tip of our fingers and a click away. Download a new app to learn anything you want, or Google it! Online tutorials are available for almost anything.

Your lives are filled with endless possibilities to better and improve yourself and to evolve. Who knows? With you continually trying to improve your brain health every day, you could be helping someone become a better mentally enabled person as well!