Brain It On: Your Way Out Of The Mental Quandary

July 28th, 2017

Just like going to the gym, brain training games offer you the opportunity to boost your brain power by spending a bit of time playing every day. Since our brains need to be periodically worked out, brain training apps promise to boost mental muscle, improving concentration, memory, and more. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, “Mental decline as you age appears to be largely due to altered connections among brain cells. But research has found that keeping the brain active seems to increase its vitality and may build its reserves of brain cells and connections. You could even generate new brain cells.”

Brain It On takes a distinctive approach from other applications which rely mainly on puzzles and drawing shapes to solve the various objectives provided in each level. Developed by the Canadian Indie Tech-team Orbital Nine, the game challenges its users to solve different physics problems by drawing on the screen, creating objects such as: ‘Knock block A into block B, or ‘Knock all blocks over’.

How it works:

All the Brain It On levels are unlocked for free by performing well and earning stars in the previous levels. Users can always find numerous new player-created free levels every day on the community screen. Free adverts can become a nuisance amidst game-play, therefore, the app provides you the option of purchasing the game to remove all ads, unlock levels, hints and the level editor.

Who is it for?

This game app is well-suited for anyone who is a fan of physics-based puzzlers. ‘An enjoyable brain tickler’ is what Seth Johnson, an app reviewer, had to say about Brain It On. ‘You can pursue the intended solutions and strive for all 3 stars or you can add depth to the gameplay by coming up with less conventional solutions,’ he added.

With this much versatility and freedom, players can easily find multiple solutions for the same problem, even going as far as to update clues for efficiency. Brain It On also targets individuals that hate repetition by setting unexpected goals for each level, allowing players to wrap their minds around different objects in a level and how to approach the goal conclusively.


Brain It On is very easy to install. Just download it from Google Play or iTunes app store and follow the prompts.

With its minimalistic interface and appearance, you only have to draw objects on the screen to help solve puzzles – for example drawing a big ball to weight down a see-saw, or knocking over a glass with a giant squiggle. The best part about the game is that there is no set solution for any puzzle. Users only have to experiment, doodle, and conjure up an unparalleled answer to the task at hand.

The timer limit for the number of times you solve a level is zero. Restarting is also quick, especially if you’re using an iPad Air device, so there is no time wastage when attempting a puzzle repeatedly.

The game:

Think of a brain-train app where instead of bringing something to life, drawing a shape on the screen gives it a physical form and mass. Players can draw a line for a plank, a triangle for a fulcrum, and then a circle above that drops right onto the other end of the plank, flying off whatever might be on the other side.

Similarly, while striving to bring uniqueness into playing, Brain It On becomes a physics puzzle game with 100 levels to solve. They are grouped in pages of 20 and in order to unlock pages 2-5, for example, you will have to collect stars solving each puzzle as it comes. With every round, you have the chance of earning 3 stars; one star for solving the puzzle, one star for doing it within the time limit, and one for doing it within the number of allotted shapes. If you think you don’t have the patience to collect the required stars, you can always purchase individual pages for 99 cents each.

Each level has a specific goal and it’s entirely up to you to think of a way to achieve the said goal by drawing shapes on the screen. The puzzles progressively get harder as you solve them, but it’s definitely a casual game at its best.

Additional features:

The app provides the player multiple solutions for a single problem. Users are allowed to compete with friends to find the best and fastest clues, or compare what they have already tried with others to see what works best and find inspiration for new ideas.

There are hints available that you can access by watching an opt-in video advert. The hints would help you find the suitable shapes for one possible solution. The levels can be unlocked through natural play but in case you’re impatient, you can simply buy the complete puzzle packs to skip ahead and put your cognitive skills to use on later challenges.


Brain It On is easily available on iOS and Android devices free of cost.


The free version of the application has numerous puzzles, but you can buy more for $3.99. In case you want to ditch in-game ads, you can do that for $0.99. Since, there are eighty levels in total, you might want to unlock the sixty levels that are initially locked away, and it will cost you around $3.


All in all, Brain It On is a polished, unique physics puzzle game that is definitely worth checking out and since it’s free to download, you have nothing to lose. It may or may not be for everyone, but once you give it a chance, you might find yourself hooked, sharing your videos and competing on brain-training with the world.

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