Briantest App: Detailed Review

November 25th, 2017

Almost all of us believe that the human brain withers with age. This preconceived notion has become such commonplace that many of us have accepted the diminishing of cognitive vigor as an inevitable part of life.

Little do we know that the cause behind cognitive decline need not necessarily be age, and, in many cases, it can be avoided and curtailed with treatment and lifestyle adjustments.

At times, the cause behind cognitive decline can be an array of impairments including dementia that resemble ageing and hence stays undetected.

This is where the Braintest app finds its crucial applicability as you can conveniently use it in the comfort of your home to detect early signs of mild-cognitive impairment. Another reason behind the popularity of the app is the worldwide acceptance of the test that it is based upon i.e.  Self-Administered Gerocognitive Exam (SAGE).

We have conducted a complete anatomy of the app to unfold its usability, methodology as well as efficacy.


Developed by the researchers at the Wexner Medical Center, Ohio State University, BrainTest is an app which offers a 15-minute self-assessment test. The test assesses your key brain functions to detect early signs of MCI (mild-cognitive impairment) possibly caused by an array of cognitive ailments including dementia.

The developers of the test uphold that if the app indicates signs of mental impairment, one should not consider it as a definitive diagnosis and should use it as basis to seek professional consultation and a clinical diagnosis.

This is because the app is developed to facilitate those individuals who either face cognitive issues or have a family history of cognitive ailments but feel hesitant to get medical assistance.

This delay in attaining professional help usually causes their symptoms to progress to a stage at which they become difficult to treat. Therefore, the BrainTest app offers individuals the unique opportunity to reliably detect the presence of any cognitive ailments in the comfort of their own homes.

How it works

  • Based on SAGE, The BrainTest app test is developed after years of extensive research and is now known worldwide for the efficacy with which it can identify mild thinking, memory and cognitive impairments.
  • The researchers at the Wexner Medical Centre, Ohio Sate University, conducted a study that analyzed 1,000 people belonging to varying backgrounds over a 5-year period. During the study, the participants were requested to take the test more than 45 times, the score of which was calculated on a scale ranging from 0 to 22.
  • Here, 22 indicated a healthy functioning brain, 15 indicated MCI (i.e. clinical diagnosis is required to determine the underlying cause) and 14 or less indicated the presence of dementia.
  • The study found that 71.6% of the participants had a normal condition, whereas, 10.4% had mild cognitive impairment and 18% had dementia.

Who is it for?

BrainTest is basically designed for individuals who:

  1. Are experiencing cognitive difficulties
  2. Have a family history of cognitive impairment
  3. Want to assess whether their brain function is in accordance with their age, education level and gender
  4. Who know someone who might have thinking or memory impairment

The human mind inherently experiences cognitive decline with age. However, if you feel worried about the degree of changes that you or someone in your circle is experiencing; BrainTest app can be used to identify whether there is in fact a reason to worry.

In addition to this, people with scores of 15 or less can use it as grounds for professional consultation as well as a detailed clinical diagnosis.

Because of the social stigma associated with mental health, people often feel hesitant to come forth and attain medical assistance. They are left with no option but to suffer in silence for years before they eventually muster the courage to consult a doctor.

This negligence causes their conditions to progress to a stage where it becomes greatly painstaking for them as well as even more difficult to treat. To avoid such circumstances, BrainTest can be considered groundbreaking as it provides people with the opportunity to assess their mental health with privacy and accuracy.

This is particularly helpful in the case of degenerative cognitive aliments like dementia which is incurable and the only key to effective treatment is early intervention.


The app offers an attractive, minimalist and easy-to-use interface and has quick loading times. It also comes equipped with an audio guide that walks you through every step. You can also choose from a variety of languages to find the one you are most comfortable with.

The test

The app adjusts test results to account for the gender, education level and age of its users and therefore is capable of detecting mild cognitive impairment even in seemingly healthy individuals.

It is for this reason that BrainTest boasts 94% accuracy and it is also recommended that test scores outside the normal limits are discussed with a doctor as soon as possible.

The test in itself spans over 15 minutes and has been simplified to an extent that it can conveniently be taken by patients as well as their caretakers. Once the test is over, the app displays the results along with details of what it stands for. The results of the app primarily fall under the following categories:

  1. No present concern
  2. Monitor over time
  3. Require further investigation

Additional features

The app increases its appeal further via numerous other features such as test logs, resource material, physician locator as well as the latest news in the realm of mental health.


BrainTest is thoroughly responsive and is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS devices.


The app charges a one-time fee of () which is relatively higher than other cognitive screening tests that are available online for free. However, this one-time fee is a good bargain when you take into account the accuracy of the test.


The BrainTest app is a groundbreaking app which offers superior value for money and is ideal for maintaining optimum brain health.