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Submission Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines before submitting a post:

Type 1 (500 – 600 words):
Submit a short and concise article with a focus on sharing a specific approach with our audience that may fulfill a specific need of the brain health community. It can contain one link to the main site in the signature (bio) at the end of the article. That would be a do-follow link.

Type 2 (Above 800 words):
These articles will go deep into the topic or area you wish to write on and will discuss new facts, studies or groundbreaking researches related to brain health. This article will contain a link to the main site in the body.

Important Note:

– The content must be original. We run each post/ article through our plagiarism software before it is published on the website.

– Brainblog.co reserves the right to edit posts after they have been submitted. Edits may include (but are not limited to) changes to post titles, content editing/restructuring/reformatting, removal of images etc.

– Our readers are interested in brain health, mental agility, brain disease and the like. We reserve the right to reject articles that don’t fall into any of the above categories.

– We don’t pay for the articles

How to get started?

You can send us your post titles on this address:  braintestedu@gmail.com

If we find it interesting, we will request the draft. Please don’t send guest posts via our contact forms as those won’t be accepted.

Happy writing!